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Lightning Strikes Straw Ricks Dresden Paper Mill - 1923

Spectacular Blaze Threatens Large Section of City - Aid sent From Here

Dresden, O., June 6 - Fire which threatened to entirely destroy the Dresden paper mill on South Main Street, broke out about 9:30 o'clock Wednesday night when lightning struck the straw ricks near the main building of the plant during a severe electrical storm.

The straw, being very inflamable, was quickly a mass of fire. The flames spread rapidly and for a time it was feared the entire paper mill as well as several residences across the street might be destroyed. Two hose carts of the Dresden fire department were called into service and about half the residents of the city turned out to fight the flames.

An emergency call was sent to Zanesville for aid. the Abington avenue truck and crew together with Fire Chief Hal Tanner left this city about 10:30 for Dresden to aid in the efforts to extinguish the fire. Information at a late hour was to the effect that the flames were fairly well under control.

It was estimated that the damage would amount to several thousand dollars as many tons of straw were consumed by the fire. It is understood that loss is partly covered by insurance.

The residence of Thomas Stanley, near the paper mill, was also struck by lightning during the storm. It was ignited but the flames were extinguished without much damage after a part of the floor had been torn up. So far as could be learned, no other buildings had been struck by lightning, although the storm damage will amout to considerable.

The Times Recorder (Zanesville, OH) - June, 7, 1923

News from December 22, 1923

Abe Moyer, aged 74, of Miamisburg, formerly of Dresden, died at his home there Wednesday, Dec. 19, of apoplexy.

The members of the Shakespeare club were entertained at the home of Mrs. Martha Pfouts on Monday evening. The program was as follows: Responses, Christmas; Original story by Mrs. Kate Shore; Reading, "The Nativity", Christmas carols by the club. Refreshments were served in accordance with the Christmas season.

Miss Rose Shutts and Harry Shutts shopped in Zanesville Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mayer and children were called to Miamisburg because of the death of the former's father, Abe Moyer.

The Baptist Sunday school will hold their Christmas entertainment in the church Sunday evening, Dec. 23, beginning at 7 o'clock. Everybody welcome.

The Presbyterian Sunday school will hold their Christmas exercises in the church Monday evening, Dec. 24.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Keyes will spend Christmas week in Newark.

Joseph Blott, who is attending O.S.U. at Columbus is visiting his home here.

Mrs. Bert Wright of Chaffin, O., spend the weekend with her aunt, Mrs. Lou Miller.

Mrs. Barbara Copland spent Wednesday with her daughters, Mrs. J.P. Arnold and Mrs. Harry Barron of Zanesville.

Mr. and Mrs. Fenton Brockelbank will leave Sunday for Pittsburgh where they will spend the Christmas holidays.

Jack Whyte, who is attending O.S.U., will spend Christmas vacation at his home here.

Ralph Stone left Monday for Pittsburgh where he will visit.

Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Kelly of Zanesville called on their aunt, Miss Gressell last week.

The Zanesville Signal - December 22, 1923

News from December 21, 1923

Ruth Lane entertained a number of her friends with a taffy-pulling on Tuesday evening. Those present were Iona Skelley, Dorothea Griggs, Margarite Howe-, Ula Little and the hostess, Ruth Lane.

Mrs. Samuel Keyes spent Tuesday with her daughter, Mrs. R.D. Stevenson, of Coshocton.

Mrs. Jacob Swope shopped in Zanesville Thursday.

Mrs. Edgar Tumblin and Catherine Lacey shopped in Zanesville Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Wales Johnson of Newark spent Tuesday with Mrs. Mary Gordon.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Krebs and daughter of Cambridge spent Sunday with Mrs. Ed Krebs.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank McClintock and son, Joseph, spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. J.B. McClintock.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Barnes and daughter, Audrey Jean, of Mansfield will spend the Christmas vacation with relatives here.

Mrs. Ella Fisher of M-shawaka, Ind., is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Roy Moody.

The M.E. Sunday school will have a Christmas party in the social rooms on Monday evening, Dec. 24.

Mrs. Earl Blizzard shopped in Zanesville Tuesday.

Guy Travis left recently for Missouri where he will visit his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Gordon and son, Clyde, and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gordon and daughter of Zanesville spent Sunday with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Spencer, Mrs. Jennie Bryant and Misses Mary and Nellie Stump attended the concert at Zanesville Monday evening.

T.P. Perkins is visiting at Delaware Springs.

Miss Mildred Welsh of Frazeysburg spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Lane.

The Zanesville Signal - December 21, 1923

News from December 20, 1923

Birthday Party At Adams Home Up At Dresden

Dresden, O., Dec.20 - Mrs. Annie Adams very delightfully entertained with a birthday party in honor of Myrtle Adams and Velma Longstreth on Friday, Dec. 14th. Games were the main features of the evening and dainty refreshments were served. Those present were Erma Grant, Freda Balo, Rose and Alice Downs, Gladys Williams, Helen Longstreth, Vietto Grim, Pansy Painter, Ruby Lacey, Doris Paynter, Neal Moody, Helen Swope, Nora Dale Stargell, Eva Lincicome, Alice Minor, Gladyse Eads, Dorothy Lacey, the honored guests, Myrtle Adams and Velma Longstreth and the hostess, Mrs. Annie Adams.

News Briefs

Mrs. Becky Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Edson of Logan, O., Mr. and Mrs. Walter Steele and family; Mr. and Mrs. John Steele and family of Roseville and Mrs. Susie Gadd of Coshocton attended the funeral of Richard Steele on Friday.

Roy Dickey who is attending Muskingum college is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dickey.

Mrs. J.J. Horn spent Tuesday in Zanesville.

Mr. and Mrs. George Richcreek will attend the wedding of Miss Elizabeth Virey and James Pepper which is to be at Conesville Christmas day.

Carl Schumacher of Columbus spent Wednesday with his mother, Mrs. Clara Schumacher.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Graham are the parents of a baby girl, born Monday, Dec. 10th.

Mrs. Thomas of Bridgeport is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCullough.

Clifford Miller of White Cottage, Marie Young, Harold Perry and Miss Young of Zanesville spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. N.L. Lincicome.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rose will spend the Christmas vacation with their daughters Mrs. Will McClairy of Wellsburg and Mrs. Ben Morrison of Bellaire, O.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cosner of Zanesville spent Tuesday with Charles Walters and sisters.

Mr.and Mrs. Brice Love and children of Massillon and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Love of Cleveland will spend the Christmas holidays with Mrs. Emma Love.

Violet Blatt shopped in Zanesville Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Blizzard and three sons and Mr. and Mrs. Granville Lane and two sons were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Wright.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cur spent the week end with relatives and friends in Newark.

Mrs. Herbert Ogle and Mrs. Charlie Pritchard shopped in Zanesville Wednesday.

From: The Zanesville Signal - December 20, 1923

A.E. Griffin

An illness from a complication of diseases resulted in the death of Addison E. Griffin, aged 28, a well known resident of Dresden, at his home there at 1:45 o'clock Saturday morning. He had been in failing health for several weeks. The funeral will be conducted at the home of his sister, Mrs. Sherman Wright in Dresden, at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon and internment will be made in the Dresden cemetery.

Mr. Griffin is survived by one daughter, Miss Edna Griffin of Coshocton; his father, Milton Griffin and by one sister and two brothers: Mrs. Sherman Wright and Herbert Griffin, both of Dresden, and Jay Griffin of this city.

The Zanesville Signal - January 6, 1924

News from January 1, 1924

Surprise Party At Lacy Home Up At Dresden

Dresden, O., Jan. 1 - A few relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Lacy gave a surprise party in honor of Mrs. Lacy's 20th birthday Thursday evening. Pot luck supper was served. Those enjoying the affair were Mr. and Mrs. Seth Adams and son Robert, Mr. and Mrs. John Longstreth, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Tumblin and son Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Harry West and Mrs. Mae Lacy and daughter Catherine and Clarabelle West. They parted at a late hour wishing Mrs. Lacy many more happy birthdays.

News Briefs

John Jamison and Gilbert Krebs who are employed in Pennsylvania are visiting friends and relatives here.

Mrs. John Farnsworth is ill at her home on East Ninth street.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kain are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Moore of near Frazeysburg.

Miss Stella and Bob Powell are visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Powell in East Fultonham.

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Longaberger and son Paul were the Sunday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Longaberger.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Tumblin entertained at Sunday dinner Rev Mr. and Mrs. Hazen and Jaunita Blaire and Mrs. Mae Lacy and daughter Katherine.

William St. Clair is ill at his home on Chestnut street.

Mrs. N.L. Lincicome and daughter Eva have returned after a few days visit with relatives in White Cottage.

Mrs. Marie Paxton spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Hall of Rt. 1.

Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Bainter of Coshocton visited at the homes of H.H. Garrett and daughter Sadie and Mr. and Mrs. James Garrett, Sunday.

The Kismet club met Monday evening with Misses Nellie and Ma-- Stump and entertained with a watch party. Refreshments were served.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bonifield and daughter Esther spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bell.

Hamp Wiley of Newark spent the week-end with his sister, Mrs. Charles Sparks.

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Swope of Canton and Miss Doris McPherson were the Sunday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Swope.

Kenneth Grier is visiting this week with his uncle, George Shau of Muskingum.

Mrs. H.E. Hare is in Summerfield visiting her father, W.H. McBride. Mr. McBride will return with her.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lutz and daughter Helen spent Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Lutz of Is-eta.

Richard Dowell, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Dowell, left Saturday for his position in Milwaukee, Wis.

From: The Zanesville Signal - January 1, 1924

News from December 29, 1923

Dresden, O., Dec. 29 - Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Ford and daughter of Zanesville spent Christmas with the latter's father John Breighthaupt.

Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Breighthaupt and children of Pittsburg are visiting relatives and here and Trinway.

Lawrence Little returned to Urbana Wednesday after visiting at his home here. He was accompanied by his father Howard Little who will visit with his two nieces, Mrs. Beth Cooper and Miss Ollie Mears both of Urbana.

Mr. and Mrs. Arley Wake of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. Seth Adams and son Robert, Mrs. Mae Lacy and two children Catherine and Graydon and Raleigh Mitchell were the Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Lacy.

Mrs. Mary Jamison and grandson Willis are visiting with relatives at Nashport and Zanesville.

Richard Dowell of Milwaukee, Wis. is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dowell.

H.A. Shipley was the Christmas dinner guest of the McGinnis family at Coshocton.

Mr. and Mrs. George Breighthaupt and daughter of Columbus are visitng John Breighthaupt and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Thad Bennett and two sons George and Edgar Hamilton and Robert Hamilton of Leroy and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCann and two children Isabelle and Joseph jr., of Irville were the Christmas guests of Mrs. Ada Cross.

Josephine Stoeckel left Wednesday for Wakashaw, Wis., where she will visit her parents.

T.E. Settles is visiting with his brother-in-law, Jonas Brand of Cleveland.

Mr. and Mrs. George Dice and two sons of Zanesville and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cullins and children were the Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Adams.

Miss Ida Course of Norwich, O., is visiting the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Haines.

Mrs. Nathan Lincicome and daughter Eva are visiting with relatives at White Cottage.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Moody of Amanda, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Moody, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Engle and Miss Aline Fisher of Mishawaka, Ind., were the Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Moody.

Messrs Jack Wallace and R.L. Groves of Canton spent a few days this week with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mitchell.

Mrs. Catherine Smith and granddaughter Grace spent a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smith of Zanesville.

Mrs. Eva Chamberlin is spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Bush of Columbus and Mr. and Mrs. Roche Burrell of New Lexington.

Mrs. E.B. Cox and daughter Mildred and son Edgar visited Mrs. Jessie Cox of Granville.

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News from December 28, 1923

Mrs. L.E. Baughman and daughter Josephine of Coshocton, Mrs. J.C. Holliday of Zanesville, Mrs. M.L. Stevenson, Misses Mary Lou Lemert and Clara Dorsey spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Stevenson.

Edward Knoff has returned to Knoxville, Tennessee, after spending Christmas week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Knoff.

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Swope are visiting relatives in Circleville.

Mr. and Mrs. Otto Carter, Miss Bell Palmer, Miss Maggie Brill, Mrs. Elizabeth Greisinger, Charles Ogle spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ogle.

Mr. and Mrs. John Farnsworth and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Longaberger and children, Stella Powell and Alice Jamison, were the Christmas dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Longaberger.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Breighthaupt and daughter of Columbus are visiting the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Lane and other relatives.

Mrs. Goldie Lacey and children were the Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Swope.

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Adams left Wednesday for Rock Island, Ill., after visiting relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Little and son Raymond of Otsego, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Steele and daughter Helen, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Krebs and daughter Pauline of Coshocton, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Little and daughter Elnora of Route 3 and Lawrence Little of Urbana were the Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Little.

Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Thompson of Akron spent the holiday week with Mr. and Mrs. William Schumaker. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Schumaker who will visit for a few days.

Nellie Stancher who is attending business college at Newark is visiting her uncle, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Moss.

Mrs. Edward Robinson and children Euncie and Edward of Holland, Michigan, and Miss Ella Stuller of Chicago are spending the holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Stuller.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Dowell and son spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dowell.

Mrs. Waide Butler shopped in Zanesville Wednesday.

Miss Mildred Finney left Sunday to spend the holidays with her relatives in East Liverpool.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Frazier and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Warde Butler and children, Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Bush spent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Ogilvie.

William Smith of Pontiac, Mich. and Anne E. Smith of Columbus spent Christmas with Michael Smith.

Miss Jeannie King of Crooksville is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Quigley of Route 2.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed--- King, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil King and daughter Dorothy, Mrs. Iona King and son, Dalton spent Christmas day with P.C. Thomas and family.

The Zanesville Signal - December 28, 1923

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Dresden Farmers Institute To Hold Sessions This Week

Dresden - The Dresden Farmers Institute will be held Friday and Saturday at the Jefferson high school auditorium. Mrs. D.B. Phillips and Ralph White will be the state speakers and will appear at each session.

The first session will be held Friday evening at 8 o'clock; second, Satruday morning at 10:30 o'clock; third, Saturday afternoon at 1:30 and the fourth Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. A pot luck dinner will be served at noon Saturday.

The Jefferson high school band will furnish music at the last session.

The Zanesville Daily Courier - January 17, 1944

Civil War Snippets

In Camp - Capt. Mills of Dresden in this county, has raised a full Company of volunteers for the war. They have been assigned to the 16th Regiment and are now at Wooster, Ohio. Capt. Bainter and Capt. Hirst are both raising Companies, the former has sixty men enrolled. They will doubtless be assigned to Col. Gilbert's regiment, which will be organized here in a few days.

The Zanesville Daily Courier - October 15, 1861

Appointed - Dr. Samuel C. Mendenhall of Frazeysburg, and Dr. Hood of Dresden in this county, have passed their examinations and been appointed surgeons in the army. We have known Dr. Mendenhall for years and feel assured no better appointment could have been made, so far as medical knowledge and skill is concerned.

The Zanesville Daily Courier - October 24, 1861

More Troops - Capt. Hirst of Dresden arrived here this morning with sixty of his men for Colonel Pond's Regiment, now nearly full at Camp Goddard. He has sufficient number of men enrolled to make the full complement, and will bring the others in a few days. Good for Dresden.

The Zanesville Daily Courier - October 25, 1861

News Snippets

Mr. G.W. Adams has just had completed a corn crib 200 feet in length, capable of containing 16,000 bushels of corn and another commenced of the same capacity, near the store of Adams & Leggitt. Mr. Adams is paying 25 cents a bushel for good corn delivered at the above cribs, 20 cents is the general price in this vicinity. - Dresden Intelligencer

The Zanesville Daily Courier - January 14, 1861

Compliment to Dresden - We accidentally overheard the following compliment paid to the town of Dresden in this county, the other day by an omnibus driver, in coversation with another engaged in an opposition line, while standing in front of the Stacey House.
"Well Jim, you are too honery to live, if I was you I'd leave the city - I'd go to Dresden, I would."

The Zanesville Daily Courier - July 22, 1861

Mrs. Harry Miller has returned to Dresden after a visit with Zanesville friends.

J.J. Horn has returned to Dresden following a visit with Zanesville friends.

Mrs. John Egbert has returned to her home at Dresden, following a visit with Zanesville friends.

Wendell Longaberger has returned to Dresden after visiting friends in this city.

The Times Recorder (Zanesville, OH) - June 1, 1923

Samuel Squire, who died at Dresden, aged 67, was born and reared in Jackson township. He moved to Dresden fifteen years ago. He served in the 122nd regiment during the Civil War. J.S. Squire of Coshocton is a brother.

The Zanesville Times Recorder - January 8, 1903)

A small sleighing party drove to the home of T.D. Adams of Dresden Monday night where the evening was pleasantly spent in dancing and other amusements.

The members of the Presbyterian church of Dresden gave an entertainment last night at Eschman's hall. The program consisted of a series of illustrated paintings by Miss Anna Sarah B--K. The affair was a most enjoyable one.

The Zanesville Times Recorder - January 14, 1903

Dresden Woolen Mill

By an advertisement in this paper it will be seen that Mr. L. Rambo has his woolen mill in good running order, doing a large business.

For years the effort of Mr. Rambo has been doing a good thing for the people in the neighborhood of Dresden; and indeed through a large portion of the State. The people have found it very advantageous to exchange their wool for such goods as they used for wearing apparel at this factory and to have their wool spun, wove, dressed and made into such cloth as they needed.

We are also informed that Mr. Rambo intends purchasing a large amount of wool of all grades, and will pay the highest market price for the same. Give him a call when ever you are ready to buy, sell or exchange.

The Zanesville Daily Courier - May 31, 1865

Woolen Factory

We stepped into the Woolen Factory of Messers L. Rambo & Co., in Dresden yesterday, and were surprised to see the activity which prevailed in every department. We were informed that they had just completed the first State contract for 10,000 yards of heavy overcoating, and that they are at liberty to accept of another contract of the same kind and upon the same terms, if they feel so inclinded.

Their business is very large and doubtless profitable, and we hope the gentlemanly proprietors will, as they richly deserve, continue to enjoy a like patronage.

From: The Zanesville Daily Courier - September 6, 1861

Military Meeting in Dresden

There is to be a military meeting in Dresden, in this county, on Saturday afternoon next, at five o'clock P.M. The object of the meeting we learn is to obtain volunteers to complete a company organizing in this city, under command of Capt. W.D. Hamilton. The company has been assigned a place in the 32nd regiment under Col. Tom Ford, and is now quartered and under drill in Camp Goddard. Good speakers will be in attendance.

The Zanesville Daily Courier - August 14, 1861

Good For Dresden

As soon as the war news arrived in Dresden in this county, Capt. __sh called a meeting, and stated that his company was open for all who wished to join, hereupon fifty seven were immediately enrolled, and commenced drilling, with the intention of not being a moment behind when the call was made. We are pleased to hear this news from that gallant little town, and have no doubt we shall receive a good report from them when called into actual service.

The Zanesville Daily Courier - April 18, 1861

Sad Casualty

Mr. Joseph Ogle, a citizen of Dresden in this county, was so seriously injured by the falling of the timbers of a building on Saturday last, as to cause his death in three hours after. The deceased, with others, was engaged in removing the building known as the "Furnace Stable," when owing to the giving or slipping of some of the timbers, a portion fell upon, crushing, and lacerating him in a horrid manner.

He leaves a large family and numerous connections and friends to mourn his sudden demise. The funeral procession on Sabbath _est; it is said was the largest ever known in the place.

From: The Zanesville Daily Courier - April 6, 1861

Something new in Ohio

The wire suspension bridge across the Muskingum river at Dresden is, we learn so far completed as to be passed over by footmen, and will in a few days be in a condition to be crossed by teams. This is the first structure of the kind in Ohio, and speaks well for the enterprise of Dresden. This bridge in a business point of view, will be of great advantage to the town and the surrounding country. We shall have more to say on this subject hereafter.

The Zanesville Daily Courier - January 17, 1853


Drowned. - we have just learned that Augustus (?) Huff, a citizen of Dresden, was drowned, a few days ago, in the Lower Lock, at the junction of the Dresden side of the Ohio Canal with the Muskingum River. Mr. H. was about thirty years of age. We were personally acquainted with ___. We have not learned the particulars.

From: The Zanesville Daily Courier - February 11, 1853

Suspension Bridge

MESSES. EDITOR: -- Having had occasion to visit Dresden, a few days ago, I of course sought the Wire Suspension Bridge across the Muskingum at that place; and although I had, with some pride, read several notices of that beautiful structure, I found it superior to what I expected.

The span is 450 feet; road way 17 feet wide; piers 36 feet high, being 30 feet about low water mark. This cable is composed of 225 strans of No. 10 wire, each stran capable of bearing 2000 pounds. The roadway is laid with double flooring, and the bridge is supplied with substantial railing.

This imposing structure cannot fail to increase very largely, the trade and business of Dresden; and I have no doubt the town will, in a short time, be amply repaid for this splendid addition to her business facilities. Long may this, the first bridge of the kind in Ohio, "wave" and may those enterprising citizens who procured its erection, never have cause to regret this progressive step.

A CITIZEN, Zanesville, Feb. 7th, 1853

S.F. Williams Is Taken By Death At Dresden Home

Well Known Farmer Succombs Thursday Night-Funeral Saturday Afternoon

S.F. Williams, aged 52, a lifelong resident of Dresden died Thursday evening at the family home. He was one of the best known members of the community in which he lived and was a member of the M E Church.

Surviving him are his widow and fourteen children, Harley, Clarence, Ethel, Mary, Gladys, Lena, Roy, Stella, Clayton, Frank, Chester, Warren, Marjorie and Rhea, all of the home; three sisters, Mrs. Iva Mattingly, Mrs. Georgia Quigley and Miss Laura Williams of near Dresden; also five brothers, Ellsworth, John, Noah, Charles and Senior, of the Dresden vicinity.

Mr. Williams was a farmer by occupation. He died on the 23rd anniversary of his marriage to Miss Glenna Holbein, who survives. Funeral services will be held 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon from the M E Church at Dresden and burial will be made in the Dresden cemetery.

(Zanesville Times Recorder - September 4, 1926)

Fourteen Children in Family of Dresden Couple

Proud? Why not? It isn't every one who can have 14 as fine and healthy children as Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Williams, of Dresden, who are shown above, with their family. They have been married 21 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams were married when they were 28 and 17, respectively. Mr. Williams is now 49 and Mrs. Williams 38.

In the 21 years of their married life, and despite the large number of children, death never invaded the family and all the children are living at home. The parents are life long residents of the Dresden neighborhood. It is believed their family record for 20 years of age ...the state. The youngest is Rhea Marine, who arrived to gladden the happy home just one month ago and the eldest, Harley Williams, is 20 years of age.

Members of the family are: Left to right, top row, Roy, 10 years; Ethel, 15 years; Harley, 20 years; Mary, 17 years; Clarence, 18 years; Gladys, 14 years. Bottom row, Frank, aged five years; Clayton, seven years; Stella, eight years; Chester, four years; Mr. Williams, holding Clara, aged one year; Mrs. Williams holding Rea Marine, aged one month, Lenn, aged 12 years and Warren, aged three years.

(The Times Recorder - August 11, 1924)

Resident of Dresden Dies At 81

Mrs. Glenna L. Williams, 81, of Dresden, died at 7:20 p.m. Wednesday (Aug. 30) at Good Samaritan Hospital where she had been a patient since Friday. She had been ill a year.

Born Dec. 13, 1885, in Madison Township, she was the daughter of Conrad and Clara Frances McGee Holbein. Her husband, Sylvester Williams, died Sept. 2, 1926.

She was a member of Dresden Methodist Church, its WSCS and Senior Citizens Club of Dresden.

Surviving are five sons, Harley of Dresden, Roy and Frank of Columbus and Clayton and Chester of Frazeysburg; five daughters, Mrs. Clifford (Mary) Seenes of Trinway, Mrs. Carson (Ethel) Stuller and Mrs. Ernest (Marjorie) Rodgers, both of Dresden and Mrs. Meyer (Gladys) Schwartz and Mrs. James (Rhea) Norris, both of Phoenix, Ariz.; a sister Mrs. Virgie Hill of Zanesville; 42 grandchildren and 48 great-grandchildren. Two sons, two daughters and two sisters are deceased.

The body was taken to Baughman Funeral Home in Dresden.

(The Times Recorder - August 31, 1967)

Mine Accident

Newton Birkhimer was involved in a mine collapse. Several articles appeared in local newspapers reporting the accident and his condition. Here are the transcriptions of those:

"Newton Birkhimer, aged 64, well-known and highly respected Dresden resident, was seriously injured last Friday afternoon while at work in his coal mine on the Copland farm in Madison township. Mr. Birkhimer was sitting down diggin coal when the roof fell without warning and doubled the sitting man under the great weight of debris. Howard Lacy, working in a near-by room, hearing the crash ran to the assistance of the prostrate man and removed the slate and coal. Physicians were called and it was found that Mr. Birkhimer was badly injured. For a time it was thought that his back was broken, but after his removal to the family home in Dresden a close examination failed to reveal any fracture of the spine, although it is feared that the spinal cord is seriously involved. While suffering but little pain Mr. Birkhimer is completely paralyzed in his lower limbs and fear is entertained that he will not regain the use of his legs. It is conceded that it may be several days before his condition will become manifest, and a turn for better or worse. This accident is deplored by the host of friends of the injured man and the universal hope of the community is that Mr. Birkhimer be spared and that he recover full use of his body and live to pass an active and ripe old age."


"Neton Birkhimer, of Old Town, who has been confined to his bed for some months with paralysis of the lower limbs as a result of the accident in a coal mine on the Copland farm, is slowly recovering the use of his limbs. He can now move his legs around in his bed without assistance. The people of the entire region are pleased to know that Mr. Birkhimer is recovering. Everybody is interested in him, for he is held in highest esteem. As slight tokens of their regard the people of Madison township, under the capable leadership of Mrs. R.R. Steele, Mrs. C.W. West and Mrs. Charles Steele, recently took a wagon of provisions and $15 in cash to Mr. Birkhimer. Dresden people raised about $50 in money and gave it to Mr. Birkhimer to help tide him and his over the shoals. Needless to add that the afflicted man and his family give thanks to all who have in any way helped in this time of need."

"Newton Berkheimer, Dresden miner, has part of spine removed by surgeons after his back is broken in accident."

Henry Breeden obituary

Henry C. Breeden, 84, of Dresden, died at 4:10 p.m. Tuesday at his home of an apparent heart attack. He had been in ill health for one year and seriously ill since Christmas.

Mr. Breeden retired in 1955 as a stationary engineer with the C. Findeiss Sons Company.

He was born April 28, 1876, in Monroe County, the son of Richard and Hannah Daily Breeden. His wife, Lucy Pearl Breeden, died June 24, 1948.

Surviving are five daughters, Mrs. Vera Stroud of Byesville, Mrs. Elsie Vegh of Canton, Mrs. Eva McCoy of Dresden, Mrs. Velma Birkhimer of Dresden and Mrs. Wilma Jennings of Coshocton; one son, Arnold R. of Lima; 22 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; one brother, Joe Breeden of Byesville and one sister, Mrs. Lulu Belle Larrick of Byesville. One daughter, two brothers, two sisters and two grandsons are deceased.

Services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Dresden Chapel of the Baughman and Sons Funeral Home with the Rev. C. Driftmyer officiating. Burial will be in Dresden Cemetery.

Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. today.

From: unknown, April 18, 1961

Elsie Vegh obituary

Mrs. Elsie J. Vegh, 68, of Dresden, died at 2:55 a.m. Monday in Sunny View Nursing Home. She had been seriously ill since October.

She was born Oct. 5, 1908 in Byesville. Her husband Andrew died in 1959.

Mrs. Vegh was a member of Dresden Church of the Nazarene and Dresden Senior Citizens.

Surviving are four sisters, Mrs. John (Vera) Stroud of Byesville, Mrs. Russell (Eva) McCoy of Dresden Rt. 2, Mrs. Clarence (Velva) Birkhimer of Dresden, and Mrs. Wilma Jennings of New Orleans, La., and a brother, Arnold Breeden of Newark Rt. 4.

Friends may call 7 to 9 p.m. today and 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Dresden Chapel of Baughman and Sons Funeral Home where services will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday. Burial will be in Dresden Cemetery.

Mrs. Larcena Fouch obituary

Services for Mrs. Larcena Breeden Fouch, 27, of Conesville, native of the Dresden community, were held yesterday at the Dawson funeral home in Coshocton. B. Orville Baker officiated. Burial was in Dresden Cemetery.

Mrs. Fouch died Friday night at the Cleveland clinic where she had undergone heart surgery.

She was born Sept. 20, 1927, near Trinway, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Breeden, and was married in September, 1949 to Ty Fouch.

She was a member of the Jehovah Witnesses.

Surviving in addition to her husband are her father of Dresden; five sisters, Mrs. Russell McCoy, Mrs. Clarence Birkhimer and Mrs. Herbert Porter, all of Dresden, Mrs. John Stroud, Byesville and Miss Elsie Breeden of Canton, and a brother, Arnold Breeden, Dresden.

From: Zanesville Times Signal - May 24, 1955

Mrs. Henry Breeden Dies at Dresden

Mrs. Lucy Pearl Breeden, 61, died at 11 o'clock this morning at her home in Dresden after an illness of seven months.

A native of Cambridge, she was the daughter of George and Amanda Arbuckle Clark.

Surviving are her husband, Henry C. Breeden; a son, Arnold R., of Dresden; six daughters, Mrs. Vera Stroud of Byesville, Miss Elsie Breeden of Canton, and Mrs. Eva McCoy, Mrs. Velva Berkhimer, Mrs. Wilma Porter, and Mrs. Larcena Bice, all of Dresden; two brothers, James and Bliss Clark, both of Cambridge; 20 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Two brothers and five sisters preceded her in death.

The body will be taken to the home Friday morning from the Baughman funeral home at Dresden.

From: The Zanesville Signal - June 24, 1948

Newton Birkhimer, Dresden Miner, Is Called From Life

Death Occurs on Thursday Afternoon - Church Rites Saturday....

Newton Birkhimer, 71, passed from life at 3:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon at his home on North Main Street, Dresden, after lingering illness. He had been seriously injured several years ago in a coal mine accident and never fully recovered although he was able to get around.

Mr. Birkhimer was well known in Dresden and vicinity and was a member of the Dresden M. E. churcch. Surviving are his widow and nine children: Lee of Cleveland; Mrs. Goldie Lacey, Mrs. Jennie Swope, Mrs. Grace Bryan, Clyde, Ernest, Clarence, Franklin and Ada, all of Dresden; two brothers, Edward, of Madison township, Frank of Columbus; two sisters, Mrs. Hattie Mullen, and Mrs. Mary Mercer, of this city. There are 15 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren also surviving.

Funeral services will be held at 1:30 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the Dresden M. E. church with Rev. W. E. Patterson, the pastor, officiating. Interment will be made in Dresden cemetery.

From: The Zanesville Times Recorder, August 10, 1934.

Dresden Man Dies at Hospital

Steven McMahn, 72, of Dresden, died at Good Samaritan hospital this morning of a stroke suffered yesterday. He had been in ill health for some time and was admitted to the hospital yesterday.

A native of Noble county, he was born Oct. 13, 1884 the son of John and Mary Dickerson McMahn.

He never married and was a retired employee of the Gaylord Container Corp. paper mill plant at Dresden.

He attended the Dresden Methodist church.

Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Rachel Birkhimer of the home and two brothers, Joseph McMahn of Putnam avenue and Isaiah McMahn of New Lexington Route 1.

Services will be held at 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the Baughman funeral home in Dresden with burial in the Dresden cemetery.

Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 o'clock this evening.

From: The Zanesville Signal, April 16, 1954

60th Anniversary Is Celebrated

Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Birkhimer of Dresden celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary Sunday with a chicken dinner to a group of relatives and friends.

Mrs. Birkhimer was 81 years of age last Saturday and Mr. Birkhimer will be 81 on March 3. They have two children living, Pearle E. Birkhimer of Canton, and Mrs. Harry Thomas of Dresden Rt. 1. there are also four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Three children are deceased.

Those present Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Pearle Birkhimer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thomas, Erma and Florence Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thomas and children, Athern and Lovell, Mrs. Elma King, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert King, Ethan Carnes, Fred Cruise, Rowena Krebs and Mrs. Casper Krebs, and Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Birkhimer.

From: The Times Recorder (Zanesville, OH), January 27, 1942

Ensley Birthday, Swope Easter & News Briefs - March 1951

Birthday Party At Ensley Home

DRESDEN, O., - A few neighbors and friends gathered at the home of Joseph W. Ensley of Trinway Monday evening to help him celebrate his 80th birthday. A social time was enjoyed. The guests presented him with a lovely pot of tulips.

Refreshments were served to the following: Rev. and Mrs. Kunze, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Fulks, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lacy, Mrs. Lulu Maxwell, Mrs. George Freshwater, Mrs. Sheldon Keith, Mrs. M.D. Newcome, Mrs. Blake McFarland, Mrs. R.W. Cochran, Mrs. Howard Bond, Mrs. Charles Corder, Mrs. Mae Bradford, Mrs. Rose McGinnis, little Carol Lacy and Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Ensley.

Easter Dinner

Easter dinner guests at the Russell Swope home on last Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. Lee Birkhimer and Mrs. Edna Cordray, Cleveland; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Newman, Roseville; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swope and children, Diana and Janet, Zanesville; Mr. and Mrs. Chet Williams and daughter, Bobbe Dawn and Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Johnson of Frazeysburg; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Harper and children, Russell, Carole and Larry, Dresden. Afternoon callers were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Penn and Walter Strickler of Columbus.

News Briefs

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carter and daughter of Bellefontaine were the week end guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. D.K. Matthews and family. Mrs. Matthews returned home with them for a few days visit.

Rev. Edwin Dickey of Bellefontaine spent Easter Sunday and Monday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dickey.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hindel of Coreapolis, Pa., have been spending several days in Dresden with her mother, Mrs. Carey McDonald, who has been ill at her home on E. Ninth street.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Powell have received word that their son, Pvt. H. Leon Powell, has enrolled in the University of Oklahoma, where he is to receive training for 12 weeks in the clerical contract school. He has been stationed at Lackland air base in San Antonio, Texas. His address is: Pvt. Hubert L. Powell, AF 15438483, 3457th, school Sgdn.; Boyd House, Norman, Oklahoma.

From: The Times Recorder (Zanesville, Ohio), March 30, 1951: page 13