Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mine Accident

Newton Birkhimer was involved in a mine collapse. Several articles appeared in local newspapers reporting the accident and his condition. Here are the transcriptions of those:

"Newton Birkhimer, aged 64, well-known and highly respected Dresden resident, was seriously injured last Friday afternoon while at work in his coal mine on the Copland farm in Madison township. Mr. Birkhimer was sitting down diggin coal when the roof fell without warning and doubled the sitting man under the great weight of debris. Howard Lacy, working in a near-by room, hearing the crash ran to the assistance of the prostrate man and removed the slate and coal. Physicians were called and it was found that Mr. Birkhimer was badly injured. For a time it was thought that his back was broken, but after his removal to the family home in Dresden a close examination failed to reveal any fracture of the spine, although it is feared that the spinal cord is seriously involved. While suffering but little pain Mr. Birkhimer is completely paralyzed in his lower limbs and fear is entertained that he will not regain the use of his legs. It is conceded that it may be several days before his condition will become manifest, and a turn for better or worse. This accident is deplored by the host of friends of the injured man and the universal hope of the community is that Mr. Birkhimer be spared and that he recover full use of his body and live to pass an active and ripe old age."


"Neton Birkhimer, of Old Town, who has been confined to his bed for some months with paralysis of the lower limbs as a result of the accident in a coal mine on the Copland farm, is slowly recovering the use of his limbs. He can now move his legs around in his bed without assistance. The people of the entire region are pleased to know that Mr. Birkhimer is recovering. Everybody is interested in him, for he is held in highest esteem. As slight tokens of their regard the people of Madison township, under the capable leadership of Mrs. R.R. Steele, Mrs. C.W. West and Mrs. Charles Steele, recently took a wagon of provisions and $15 in cash to Mr. Birkhimer. Dresden people raised about $50 in money and gave it to Mr. Birkhimer to help tide him and his over the shoals. Needless to add that the afflicted man and his family give thanks to all who have in any way helped in this time of need."

"Newton Berkheimer, Dresden miner, has part of spine removed by surgeons after his back is broken in accident."

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