Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dresden Woolen Mill

By an advertisement in this paper it will be seen that Mr. L. Rambo has his woolen mill in good running order, doing a large business.

For years the effort of Mr. Rambo has been doing a good thing for the people in the neighborhood of Dresden; and indeed through a large portion of the State. The people have found it very advantageous to exchange their wool for such goods as they used for wearing apparel at this factory and to have their wool spun, wove, dressed and made into such cloth as they needed.

We are also informed that Mr. Rambo intends purchasing a large amount of wool of all grades, and will pay the highest market price for the same. Give him a call when ever you are ready to buy, sell or exchange.

The Zanesville Daily Courier - May 31, 1865

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